How screen time is affecting your child’s mental health

Every generation parent has to face their own challenges. At the moment, the technology and the use of it is becoming a hot topic. Furthermore, in the midst of pandemic, excess screen time has become a necessity. How much screen time is harmful? And, how screen time is affecting your child’s mental health?

A child’s mental health can be hampered by excessive usage of mobile phones and social networking applications. This generation has a deep urge to share almost everything on their social apps. The purpose can vary from person to person. While, some might post something just to make their peer jealous others might post to inform and educate about certain things. It also links with how one perceives it. It can deeply and incompetently destroy mental health.

The jealousy of not having what your friend has is common. Although, the way your kid deals with it is what matters. Dealing with a situation projects how strong their mind is. The usage of electronic media has shown anxiety and insecurity in boys and girls.

Adolescents were the highest screen time consumers. The higher usage possessed twice risk of suffering and poor mental health. Those who excessively use mobile phones are likely to less calm, curious and task focused. The symptoms also include less self-control and difficulty in friendship.

Moderation of everything is crucial. Parents must understand that how poorly mental health can be affected. However, Strategies for managing screen time should be must. Furthermore, your child should be encouraged to manage their own screen time. Kids tend to make good decisions by making good decisions and not by following orders.

To sum up, most of us don’t even know how big problem it is and how screen time is affecting your child’s mental health. Here are strategies to sharpen child’s brain. 

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