This one pose every day could improve your strength, mood, physique, core strength and a lot m" />

How effective a plank can be

This one pose every day could improve your strength, mood, physique, core strength and a lot more. The plank has plenty benefits for body and the plus point is that you need to practice it without any equipment. This exercise might seem easy but it’s difficult to hold. How effective a plank can be.

Plank or phalakansana in Sanskrit is effective core exercise that helps to build stability. It can be achieved in different method but the main goal of plank is that you will have your body perpendicular to the ground, stomach facing down and elevating your torso off the ground with either your hands or elbows.

1. Metabolism

The muscle strength can be attained and it tends to strong and define our muscles. When you increase your muscle mass, you also boost your hear rate.

2. Relives stress

It releases neurochemical substance called endorphins, it is known to increase happiness and decrease stress. Holding onto this pose can assist in tension relief.

3. Gaining Balance through effective plank

It creates an overall improvement in balance and coordination. Stabilization of body is important. Plank encourages the body to manifest stability.

4. Reducing back pain

The body starts to resort to stronger core for everyday activities and exercise which further helps in reducing pain in the lower back.

5. Improving flexibility through effective plank

As it offers versatile range of benefits, it improves flexibility. It makes posterior muscle groups not just the glutes but makes much more flexible.

Hence, now I hope you know how effective a plank can be. Try this pose everyday and hold it for a minute to reap out the benefits. Here’s a curated morning fitness routine by the health experts!


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