Earth Day 2020

Earth is the only place we can truly call home. The way we care for our own homes, we should care similarly for the Earth

On Earth Day, April 22, 2020, we have two emergencies: One is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The other is a gradually constructing debacle for our atmosphere.

We can, will and should tackle the two difficulties. The world was not set up for the novel coronavirus. However, we despite everything have the opportunity to get ready — in all aspects of the world — for the atmosphere emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn't close us down. Rather, it helps us to remember what's in question in our battle for the planet. On the off chance that we don't request change to change earth and meet our atmosphere emergency, our present state will turn into the new ordinary — an existence where pandemics and outrageous climate occasions length the globe, leaving previously minimized and powerless networks considerably more in danger.

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