The reason behind growing cases of cancer

In 2008, cancer accounted 7.6 million deaths. It sums up to 13% of all deaths worldwide. Each year 1.5 million people die from cancer linked to the use of tobacco. The types of cancer have also been on a significant rise. Cancer types such as breast cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer is few of the types that are largely curable if detected at early stage and treated appropriately. The reason behind growing cases of cancer are mentioned below.

1. Age Factor 

The biggest risk factor relating to cancer is age factor. Along with increasing age comes lots of diseases, most of them might jut go unnoticed. The longer an individual lives, higher is the risk of errors to build up. Seniors have an average life expectancy of about 79 years. Although, 73 is the median age for cancer death. In a research, about 77 % of every type of cancer is diagnosed in people over the age of 55.

2. Consumption of Tobacco- the reason behind growing cases of cancer

The worst hit countries due to consumption of tobacco are USA, China, Denmark and New Zealand. Lung cancer is now leading on top as the reason of death in women in 28 countries. How dangerous the consumption of it can be is indisputable. In the United Kingdom, women started to smoke way before men did it. Hence, there’s no doubt why there’s a rise of lung cancer rates. The only way to stop this havoc is to strict the tobacco control policies in every country.

3. Sedentary lifestyle and Obesity- the reason behind growing cases of cancer

Most of you must be having a sedentary lifestyle. The type of lifestyle which lacks proper diet, exercise and weight control. You tend to eat all the oily food available and moving too little. Consuming high amounts of energy like fat and sugar and not burning the energy off through exercise will result in obesity. It is associated with increasing risk of cancer like, colon, oesophageal, pancreatic, kidney, gallbladder or thyroid.

Early diagnosis can lead to more successful outcomes. Thanks to the growing technology, cancer screening is accessible and easily available. To sum up, these are the reason behind growing cases of cancer.


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