Save your kid from summer

Summer is a favourite time for everyone. The long days of summer provides a lot more excitement. The much-awaited break from school and swimming sessions is what kids love. Along with all the fun, summer brings the risk of sunburn, dehydration, illness and what not. Here are few tips to save your kid from summer.

1. Keep your kid Hydrated in summer 

Keep your kid hydrated with as much fluids as possible. Being hydrated is important so as to energize your body. It keeps your body cool and makes muscle and joints work better.

2. Use sunscreen

It keeps your kid’s skin healthy. Also, provides assist against sunburn and reduced the appearance of sun damages. It can prevent discolorations, dark sports and wrinkles. It also helps in maintaining a skin tone.

3. Preventing from drowning to save your kid from summer

Pool sessions can be fun but parents should be careful to keep a look on their kids. It only takes couple of seconds for drowning to happen.

4. Avoiding mosquito bites

Mosquitoes find their way to your home during summers. This can be really troublesome as bites can be harmful. Cover your kid’s arms and legs as much as possible. Also, us repellents to fight against it.

5. Monkeying around

Summer vacations bring lots of fun. Kids are excited and hence, might monkey around which makes them more prone to accidents. Keep your kid safe and have a look on them.

To sum up, follow these tips to save your kid from summer. Keep your kid hydrated, use sunscreen, keep a watch during pool sessions and try to cover your kid’s arm and legs to avoid mosquito bites.

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