The journey of WHO began when the constitution came into power that is 7th April 19" />

Everything about World health Organization

The journey of WHO began when the constitution came into power that is 7th April 1948. WHO has 6 regional office and headquarters in Geneva. World Health Organization is engaged with the United Nations at all level which is considered to be a major asset.

WHO works worldwide to promote sanitation, health and keep the world safe from all the diseases. They also serve the vulnerable. The main agenda of WHO is to ensure that every person on this globe has health coverage in order to protect people from health emergencies.

They have active role in preparing for emergencies by identifying and managing the risk. Detecting and responding to acute health emergencies is one of the other tasks by WHO. They also support delivery of essential health services in fragile areas. WHO has been primarily focusing on health care to improve the quality of life. Furthermore, Their main moto is to improve the access to essential medicines and health products. Monitoring data and information to supporting people’s participation in national health policies.

By their work, they address human capital across the life-course. Preventing the spread of noncommunicable disease to the world. Mental health promotion and elimination of high-impact communicable diseases.

The director-general of World Health Organization is Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who has the vision of making the world healthy together.

To conclude, WHO has been able to meet emerging challenges and achieve the health objectives of the Sustainable goals. World health day’s details. 

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