New decade means lots of changes in food and health. Most of you planning to go vegan as it’" />

Health and food trend in 2020

New decade means lots of changes in food and health. Most of you planning to go vegan as it’s trending. Dedicate this year to readdress what you eat and your health. People have started to realize that our body is temple. We reap what we feed to our body. Here are few health and food trend in 2020 that will take over.

1. Brain food

The food we consume can affect your mental health as well. Therefore, it’s clear to define the connection of food with brain. Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B have influenced the production of neurotransmitter.

2. Spruce hydration

You should get smart about drinking more water and less alcohol. Artificial sugary soft drinks should be ditched and fresh squeezed vegetable or fruit juice should be adopted. The time has evolved, vitamin packed micro-drinks are available. Vegetable infused smart water and waterdrop cubes.

3. Prioritizing sleep

Disturbed sleep schedule has caused lots of problems.  Prioritization of sleep is growing in importance. I predict that sleep will be given a lot more priority in 2020.

4. Wellness vacations as health and food trend

Wellness vacations have already been on rise. It seems to grow more in 2020. As many of the millennial have realised that mental health is crucial. Wellness vacations include meditation, mindfulness, eating plant-based food and following a set routine with other fellow mates. A drink or two during the night is acceptable.

5. CBD foods as health and food trend

It is becoming a top-selling supplement as this plant-based product has numerous benefits from treating anxiety and depression to easing the symptoms of cancer. FDA is a bit strict regarding certain food supplements as compared to dietary supplements. CBD food will soon take over.

As a result, these are health and food trend in 2020. People are more inclined towards organic and natural food.


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