How you start your day is very crucial. In my opinion the AM hours are important. While, most " />

5 things to do every morning for better day

How you start your day is very crucial. In my opinion the AM hours are important. While, most of you tend to wake up pretty late and hence, facing a very sluggish day. You have total control on how you want your day to be. Here is a list of 5 things to do every morning soon as you wake up.

If you wake up with the feeling of joy and calm, you’ll be not only happy but also productive throughout the day. But if you start your day which something wrong or negative, you will struggle the whole day. Try adding few of these to your routine.

1. Drink a glass of water every morning 

You already must be familiar with the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. Squeeze some lemon in your water as it will help you to be alert. Also, a glass of water can cure heart attacks.

2. Gratitude Journal

It is important to start your day on a positive note. Gratitude is something you’re grateful or thankful for. It can be anything which makes you happy and you’re happy to have it in your life.

3. Moving your body

Moving doesn’t mean exercise. Some of you must feel like staying in your beds even after waking up. Just get out of the bed and walk or stretch your body.

4. Plan ahead for the day

Jot down the things which you want to accomplish during the day. Tick the work once it’s done. It will keep you motivated throughout the day and furthermore, you’ll be happy by being productive.

5. Eat nutritious breakfast every morning

It is important to have a nutritious breakfast in the morning for a better day. Your metabolism depends on the kind of food you eat in the morning. The calories intake turns into energy.

As a result, I guarantee you that these 5 things you should do every morning for better day. In fact, waking up every morning and living this life is a blessing itself.

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