SARS-CoV-2 which started from Wuhan, China to every continent on the globe except Antarctica. T" />

Busting top 5 coronavirus myths

SARS-CoV-2 which started from Wuhan, China to every continent on the globe except Antarctica. The rate at which this virus is taking over is petrifying. With no antidote or vaccine yet prepared brings a flood of misinformation on social networking apps. Furthermore, all of them claim that their cure can beat the COVID-19 mortality rate. We wouldn’t be really requiring scientists and doctors for the vaccine since the cure for this pandemic is already on Whatsapp. Without further ado, I’ll bust top 5 coronavirus myths.

1. MYTH: The coronavirus is created in lab.

FACT: This is more of a conspiracy theory which is doing rounds on social networking apps. There has been no proof for the same that it is man-made virus. SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV have been originated in bats, which is popularly sold in the markets of Wuhan. It is naturally occurring virus that was transferred from animals to people.

2. MYTH: Cats and Dogs can get infected

FACT: There is a little evidence regarding the same. Recently, a dog in Hong Kong whose owner became infected, the dog did not display any symptoms. The scientist are still working out on it to gather as much information possible. A scientist stated, “ The real cause of outbreak in humans.”

3. MYTH: Vitamin C can cure Coronavirus

FACT: Vitamin C can shorten the duration once you catch cold but there’s no evidence that says it can cure the virus. Vitamin C is necessary for the body as it boosts immunity. If your immune system will be strong it will definitely help you to fight against the virus.

4. MYTH: Garlic can prevent infection

FACT: Garlic has properties to combat sickness which includes common cold as well. It is used to maintain well-functioning of immunity system. However, there is no evidence that eating garlic has protected people.

5. MYTH: Holding breath for 10 seconds will reveal if you’re infected

FACT: This claim is misleading; many elderly people won’t be able to do it. Furthermore, This has been making rounds on social media. This can’t confirm if you are infected by coronavirus or not.


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