India has the highest

Diabetes: A Metabolic Disease

India has the highest number of diabetic patients after China. This disease is the most gruesome disease of all. It has the tendency of generating complications with heart, kidney and nerves. 

China and India have the highest number of diabetes patients with 110 million and 69 million patients respectively. Every 6 seconds a person dies from it. 

What is diabetes and why it’s a silent killer?

There are three types of diabetes

1. TYPE 1

The pancreas releases juices directly into the bloodstream and releasing it into the ducts. Further, it continues to break down the food left in the stomach. When the pancreas stops producing insulin which helps in controlling blood glucose hence, producing energy.

2. TYPE 2

The pancreas when it’s unable to produce enough insulin for the body or the insulin can’t be processed further.


Diagnosed during pregnancy. It affects how your cells are using sugar in the form of glucose. It can cause high blood sugar which can directly affect your baby’s health.

Diabetes a silent killer has following symptoms 

  • Extreme hunger
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Blurred vision

Prevention and solution for diabetes: a silent killer

1. Quit laid-back life

Type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly due to the poor sedentary lifestyle. It is becoming a major health problem with obesity.

2. Healthy meal

Avoid oily food and opt for vegetables. Also, watch on portion sizes. Pick foods which are nutritious and are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

3. Exercise and keep weight under control

Not only for diabetes but physical activities is a must. Your muscle makes use of glucose. Regular exercise can help your body to use insulin.

4. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking makes blood cells sticky hence, allows fatty material to build up. As a result, heart attack and stroke are pretty common. Liver is used to release sugar but if it’s engaged in metabolizing alcohol, it can result in low blood sugar just after you consume alcohol.

To sum up, it is always recommended to visit a doctor in order to avoid diabetes complications.

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