The number of viruses borne near us in uncountable. While most of you still long for a vaccine" />

Yoga: practice to boost immune system

The number of viruses borne near us in uncountable. While most of you still long for a vaccine or antibiotic to get rid of it. Yoga has been practiced for 5,000 years. The word yoga was mentioned in Rig Veda. In this article, I’ll discuss about yoga, a practice to boost immune to boost immune system.

Immune system is an organized network of cells and tissues that helps to fight the body from several viruses. If we don’t feed the body what it needs then we are likely to catch diseases. Immune system and yoga have deep link. Yoga not only benefits our immune system but also relieves stress by uplifting mood.

Yoga  asana for boosting immunity 

1. Ustrasana/ Open your heart

It aids in defending lung infections such as pneumonia. It increases the blood circulation around chest and lungs. Thus, killing virus cells.


This breathing exercise strengthens the lungs and clears nasal passages. It also assists in reducing anxiety. Pranayama increases the lung capacity.

3. Tadanasana/ mountain pose

The easiest and the most powerful asana. This can be done any time but make sure your stomach is empty. It helps in regulating digestive system, increasing awareness and relieving tension by harmonizing body and mind.

4. Vrikshasana/ tree pose

This asana should be performed in the morning with empty stomach. It not only boosts immune system but also self-confidence by relaxing the nervous system. You should balance yourself by holding for a minute on each life and breathing deeply.

5. Bhujangasana/ cobra pose

This will help to open your heart and lungs, also relieves stress. Increases the flexibility of spine and boosts energy.

The yoga poses mentioned above provides numerous advantages. Hence, you should involve them in your daily routine as yoga is a practice to boost immune system

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