Common flu or the influenza is caused by a virus. Getting sick by catching cold or flu can be " />

Home remedies for cold and flu

Common flu or the influenza is caused by a virus. Getting sick by catching cold or flu can be really tough and boring. Chills, fever and body aches can make the situation even more difficult. Antibiotics can surely help but do not have those properties to cure. Today I’ll share home remedies for cold and flu.

Colds and flu are quite common disease but has the most uncomfortable symptoms which can make sleeping and eating quite a task. The symptoms of flu includes coughing, a runny nose, blocked sinuses. Home remedies for flu are enough to cure them by root.

1. Consume fluids

Fluids have properties of curing flu. The best fluid you can consume is water. It helps you to keep your nose, mouth and throat moist. The chances of dehydration and diarrhea is quite common during flu. Coconut water, vegetable juice or herbal tea can be the best cure.

2. Ginger and honey tea

Honey soothes a sore throat and keeps it cool. Ginger has antiviral properties which aids with flu virus. Drinking ginger honey tea will flush all the toxins from the body hence, preventing infection.

3. Chicken soup

It might not be a cure but this nutritious and healthy bowl of chicken soup with vegetables can boost your immunity. It will assist your body to fight from infections. A research suggested that chicken soup is effective for reducing the symptoms of respiratory infections.

4. Using steam

Warm moist air can reduce the swelling in nose and lungs and can also prevent dry cough and chest tightness. It aids in loosening mucous congestion.

5. Sleep well

Studies suggest that sleeping for less than 6 hours increases the chance of catching cold by four times! Our body needs rest in the form of good sleep. Sleeping boosts our immunity and helps to fight flu.

As a result, these home remedies will definitely work out for cold and flu. Try these easy remedies and let us know in comments if they worked for you.

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