Less sleep and more sleep both are considered harmful not only to your mental health but also d" />

Correlation between sleep and mental health

Less sleep and more sleep both are considered harmful not only to your mental health but also damages physical health. The correlation between sleep and mental health goes long way. It can destroy energy, emotions and can make you obese. Obesity has directly relation with depression. During those 7-9 hours you sleep, your body is healing and energizing for the next day. Sleep is more like fuel for the body.

Stress, depression and anxiety have been problematic since quite a long time now. Less sleep is the root cause for these problems and these problems can be fatal. A good sleep is as crucial as exercise. We all must’ve faced trouble sleeping at time. Not getting enough and good sleep has numerous drawbacks. For instance, heart disease and diabetes in both adults as well as kids.

Here are few sleeping disorders

1. Insomnia

High number of cases of insomnia are related to poor sleeping habits. In other words, you have trouble falling or staying asleep is the symptom of it. Acute insomnia lasts from 1 night to few weeks. Above all, stress is the cause.


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most common condition which is linked with sleep problems. Night walking are daytime sleepiness is pretty common.

3. Sleep apnoea

It is common breathing disorder during sleep. You can experience breathing difficulties during sleeping which will wake you up. It is accompanied by loud snoring. The person remains unconscious during these awakenings.

  5 secret to sleep better

1. Exercise

A regular brisk walk won’t only just trim you down. It will also make you feel tired. Exercising regularly will assist in boosting melatonin which is also known as sleep hormones. As research study also showed that exposing yourself to bright daylight the first thing in the morning will help the natural circadian rythym.

2. Avoid coffee and alcohol

Chocolate, wine, alcohol or caffeine shouldn’t be considered in dinner. After all, chocolate contains caffeine which helps you to stay alert. Many think that alcohol can make one have a good sleep. In contrast, it disrupts the sleeping pattern at night.

3. Start a ritual

Anything which fascinates you or helps you to relax and induce into a good night’s sleep should be made as a ritual. For example, calm soothing music or even binaural beats and sounds of nature have qualities to induce you into deep sleep.

4. Consistent sleep and wake up timings.

Our body gets adjusted the way we want it. You should be consistent with your sleep and waking times. Irregular sleeping patterns can alter the level of melatonin in body.

5. Burn sage

Studies suggest that burning sage can help in easing insomnia. It has properties to help with anxiety and panic attacks by calming your mind.

As a result, sleep time and quality both has dropped. Not getting enough-quality sleep can show immediate negative effects. Hence, there’s correlation between sleep and mental health.

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