Nourish your lips with these tips

While trying to keep our lips pink, you often forget to keep them hydrated which is crucial. These tips will help you to nourish your lips.

Certain conditions which can affect your lips are Chapped lips, Fungal infection, cold sores to name a few. Chapped lips mean when lips become dry and sore. It can be caused due to dehydration, sun’s exposure or increased alcohol intake. Cold sore is an infective condition caused due to herpes. It causes read swollen areas. Fungal infections is pretty common among elderly people with low immunity.

Healthy tips

1. Lip scrub

Rich in raw sugar, almond oil and honey lip scrub can exfoliate the skin on you lips making them more attractive.

2. Stay hydrated

Doctors suggest at least 2 litres of water daily. It not only will benefits your lips but will also help for the nourishment of body

3. Protect them from sun

Sun can damage skin on your face by it’s exposure. We  recommend you to use sunscreen.

4. Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera contains aloin which will help in treating skin conditions and constipation. It can have a calming effect on skin and can help to reduce itchiness and inflammation.

5. Use lemon

Rubbing lemon juice on your skin can brighten up your lips. Make sure that your lips aren’t cracked or dry as it might just worsen it up.

Keep your lips healthy and hydrated with these tips for lips to exfoliate your skin tones.

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