Hydroxychloroquine is the only drug which is increasing hopes during the COVID-19 global pande" />

Hydroxychloroquine: How effective it is?

Hydroxychloroquine is the only drug which is increasing hopes during the COVID-19 global pandemic. This drug is an Anti-malaria vaccine in areas where malaria is sensitive to cholorquine. Diseases such as arthritis and lupus have also been cured by it. There is still no evidence to suggest that it can cure Corona Virus. Although, many doctors have suggested that early use of it on an infected person tends to work better as compared to those who are severe.

Some scientists have also suggested, Hydroxychloroquine can block the virus entering the body and rupturing the immunity system and cells.

Evidence supporting effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine

Although, the results mentioned below have been posted by researchers but haven’t been cross-checked by other scientists. Group of four people developed severe symptoms and illness, no-one in the group was provided with the drug.

A recent thesis from China claimed that drug worked on more than 100 patients. Cough and fever vanished among few patients.  Some cases also showed inflammation, that can lead to lungs and other organs damage.

Are patients getting the drug?

Many hospitals still continue to give it to patients. Trials related to this have begun across the globe. Researches and scientists have also commenced working on it.

What side-effects Hydroxychloroquine can show?

Every drug has it’s own side-effect. Blurred vision, irregular heart rhythm and failure can be fatal. Ringing in ears or complete hearing loss. Hives, Muscle weakness, mood changes, hair loss or change in hair colour are few drawbacks which can be faced. Hydroxychloroquine can be lethal if used without consultation.

hydroxychloroquine side effects

As a result, clinical trial is necessary before prescribing it to thousands or maybe millions of people.

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