The 21/90 rule can do wonders to build healthy habits. This popular method states, one should " />

Life hack: Strategies to abide by healthy habits

The 21/90 rule can do wonders to build healthy habits. This popular method states, one should commit a goal for 21 days to make it a habit and 90 days to turn it into a permanent lifestyle. Another major key to build a habit is to shift small actions from intention to routine by repeating it. Once it becomes automatic or is done without any consciousness or motivation, it turns into habit.

Here are 5 strategies to stick to healthy habits.

1. Draw a plan

A study suggested that small changes approach is an effective strategy to change the behavior. Hence, to start with small tiny steps, draw your goals. Make sure the goal is realistic or else a plan would be of no use.

2.Never depend on motivation

Most of us keep on waiting for motivation, but that’s just a silly excuse for not wanting to bring a change. Above all, motivation is reincarnated in the form of benefits we reap from the habit. Be patient, stay focused and keep on striving!

3. Be consistent

Several theses show mere repetition of the action helps it to become habitual. We have total control over our brain, all it understands is commands. Once we start repeating the habit, our brain will function in the similar way and will be automatically ready.

4. Finding joy

 It should feel like a joyful task to do and not a necessity. It should uplift you and make you crave for it. Healthy habits should appeal and attract.

5.Dodge the difficulties

Fighting setbacks is crucial. There will be distractions due to which you might miss the opportunity to follow the routine.

 As a result, Consistency and patience are the significant keys to success. Looking for joy and fighting the difficulties will assist to build a habit!

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