During summers the day are longer and lazier. People prefer staying indoors to save themselves" />

5 steps to Beat the heat this Summer

During summers the day are longer and lazier. People prefer staying indoors to save themselves from the scorching heat, which gives one an ample amount of time to work on your health. The increasing temperature also has severe effects such as dehydration and heat strokes. Summer also means a time for pool parties. If you take care of your body, you’re directly taking care of your mind. Here are 5 steps to beat summers!

1. Stay Hydrated

Blood is the system is more than 90% of water, oxygen is carried through bloods in different organs of the body. Water has been the best and highly recommended beverage by doctors. A glass of water before a meal helps in digestion and also weight loss. Dehydrated body is more prone to vulnerable skin disorders.

2. Regular exercise

Moving your body and exercising can be troublesome and uncomfortable because of the sweat produced. Wake up early before the sun rises and take some time for exercise.

3. Have balanced meals

You should avoid consuming heavy meals during summers, heavy meals can make you feel sluggish and increases the chances of bad cholesterol. Salad, fruits and green vegetables are suggested as the digestion process is faster.

4. Dodge over drinking

Drinking alcohol during summers can dehydrate you badly because there are frequent urge of urinating. Although, it is suggested to drink in limit despite of what season it is.

5. Safeguard from injuries

Wounds and injuries take a lot of time during summer to heal. The process of healing requires a lot of water, dehydration is pretty common during this season. If the delivery of fluids will be slow, slower will be the tissue formation hence, halting the process.

These 5 hacks will definitely help you to beat this summer. Follow the tips to stay healthy and calm. 

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