Significance of good diet for a productive day

The diet we consume directly affects our day and performance. One should take care of body as it’s the only place you have to live. Deep fried food will make you slack where as a plate of fruit salad will energize your body.

Taste is just a matter of few minutes. The impact of the food can be long lasting and can bring drastic changes. A slice of pizza with high fat and protein in the cheese and toppings take 7 hours on average to digest, on the other hand a bowl of oatmeal takes 90 minutes to digest providing all the essential nutrients to the body.

While making the schedule for the next day, a diet plan for yourself can move mountains! Breakfast should be the heaviest meal as compared to lunch and dinner as it will slow down the craving for munchies and hence, will also help in losing weight. Skipped breakfast results in drastically fall of energy.

Water has a large number of benefits. It has the elements to keep body and mind healthy also keeps you awake and alert which will increase the productivity. Replacing coffee with water will also lower down the risk of anxiety attacks and chances of heart diseases. 1.5-2 litres of water per day is considered good for body. The amazing fact about water is it aids to burn fat down.

Junk food might be appealing to the taste bud but will make you feel sluggish and will have huge impact on productivity. A McDonald’s burger has 295 calories along with high amount of saturated fats and bad cholesterol.

Just a single smart decision can improve your productivity throughout the day. Good diet will bring self confidence and motivation to eat healthy in future as well.

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