The novel Corona Virus has been declared as pandemic by WHO. It spreads primarily through cont" />

Contact lens wearer prone to Corona Virus?

The novel Corona Virus has been declared as pandemic by WHO. It spreads primarily through contact with a person who is infected or when a person touches an object or surface which is infected, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. What more frightening is that the scientists haven’t discovered any antidote or vaccine for it. A research study of School of Public Health and community medicine, Australia showed that on average, a student touched their face 23 times per hour.

When it comes down to contact lens wearers, they may switch to glasses during the pandemic. Glasses can prevent the droplets that may be coughed or sneezed from someone who is infected to reach your eyes. The other important factor is that wearing glasses makes you aware when you feel like touching your eyes.

Those who prefer contact lenses touch their eyes more often. Although, there are no evidence to prove that there is increased risk of infection through contact lens. It is suggested to be careful and to maintain proper hygiene while using them.

People who still think of sticking to contacts should wash their hands thoroughly before and after wearing the contacts. It is suggested to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, followed by drying with towel. If water and soap are not available, one should use sanitizer that should contain at least 60% alcohol.

Stop lens wear if mild symptoms can be seen. There should be no redness or any unusual blur with either eye. Also, those who feel ill with shivers or flu symptoms one should stop wearing lens immediately and should seek medical assistance

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