There are people who just go on dieting for better health and then th" />

What is more important: Dieting or Exercise?

There are people who just go on dieting for better health and then there are people who do just exercise. And then there are those who combine both dieting and exercise. So what’s better. Dieting or exercise or a combination of both?

People in villages eat full stomach all the time but they do physical activities a lot. They do not have a washing machine or vacuum cleaner. So they manually wash clothes and clean the floor. In cities, people have all the modern amenities so their physical activities are reduced. They focus on controlling their diet.

Villagers would live longer and healthier than their city counterparts if the same kind of healthcare services and hygiene are accessible to both.

Keep Moving:

No matter how many calories you take its quite important to keep moving. Not just to lose weight but also to keep your muscles flexible. Frequent shorter sessions of exercise like 10 mins also offer the same benefit as a longer duration at the gym.

Adding a variety of exercises can help you get motivated, see results and not get bored. Regular exercise is behind the success of people who manage to lose weight and do not gain again.

Regular exercise also reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart ailment which cannot be achieved by dieting. It also helps get a good sleep at night.

Count your Calories

Dieting and Exercise

 It is important to eat right. Eating junk food can have a lot of long term adverse effects. It is important to eat right and eat less but that should not be extremes.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. Newer dieting techniques like Keto have several side effects.


You should do both exercise and dieting but if you have to choose between one then it should always be exercised. For best results include physical activities and a healthy food habit in your daily routine. Start gradually and stay motivated. For example, start with 10 minutes of exercise and an apple a day.

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