Long nails are back in

Health problems associated with long nails

Long nails are back in fashion. It is always associated with beauty. Girls spend a whole lot of time and money in growing and managing their nails. But is it worth? Does it have any ill effects?

The answer is yes, of course. Long nails are always an open invitation to disease no matter how well they are maintained.

A recent study conducted by the Infectious Disease Society of America revealed that nails longer than 3 mm beyond the fingertip can carry bacteria and yeast inside. We hold hundreds of objects with our hands in day to day life where our nails come in contact.

It is not practically possible to keep washing our hands always. The hand sanitizer that we use does not reach the space inside where bacteria grow.

The only advantage is associated with beauty but there are many more disadvantages.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Long nails can cause injury while working. It can be quite painful if the nail comes out and you may have to visit the doctor.
  2. As it is a place for bacteria and yeast to grow, it will definitely cause disease and infections.
  3. Artificial nails can cause disease if worn for too long.
  4. It may get difficult to hold objects and you may drop them while subconsciously making an effort to prevent breakage.
  5. You may end up biting your nail sometimes and it can directly give an entry to the germs inside your body.

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