Water Therapy for Better Health

Without water, there can be no life on earth.

One can survive without food for weeks but not more than a couple of days without water. Scientists believe that life began in the salty water of the sea. Lack of water intake causes many health problems which may range from sinusitis to cancer. Water plays a vital role in digestion also by facilitating transportation and solubility of chemicals through the gastrointestinal tract.

Blood contains 92% water by volume and carries catabolic residues from the cells to the organs of the excretory system, kidneys, lungs and skin. It helps regulate body temperature through perspiration and the elimination of water vapour through the lungs. The best times to drink water as suggested by many is one and a half hours before breakfast, lunch and dinner and one and a half-hour after each meal.

Water Therapy

According to water therapy or “Usha Kaal Chikitsa” (Sanskrit) as mentioned in the ancient Indian system, one and a half liters (1.5L) or 7 glasses of water should be taken even before brushing the teeth. Water should not be too cold or too warm while drinking but preferably should be at room temperature. The basic purpose of water is to clean the body hence no additives should be added to it.

Some people may feel fatigued and tiredness in the beginning of this water therapy. It’s might be just because the body is cleaning up the system. After a few days, these symptoms vanish and it feels more energetic. Water therapy can be tried by anybody who wants to improve his or her health. It’s free and most important without any side effect on your body.

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